That’s Creative!

That's Creative



Kindle, ePub, Smashwords

Acceptable File Types for Conversion

Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign CS3/4, PDF

Best Types of Files to Convert

Word, InDesign, PDF

Turnaround Time

For conversions to both ePub and Kindle formats we would require 4-7 days. Depends upon the complexity of the book’s design and our current workload.


Pricing varies dependent upon each book. Each book is different and requires a custom quote.

Discounts for Multiple Format Conversions per Book or Multiple Books Being Converted?

If ePub and Kindle are converted at the same the second format is given at a discount. Usually this is at about 40-50% of the first conversion cost.
For multiple books (10+) converted at the same time there is a volume discount of 10%.

Quote for Sample

USD $81 for ePub and USD $41 for Kindle completed at the same time. Total: USD $122