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Kindle, ePub

Acceptable File Types for Conversion

pdf, MS Word, rtf, txt, Pages, InDesign

Best Types of Files to Convert

Turnaround Time

A preliminary draft copy is usually available to the client within 48 hours, and often within 24 hours. Once the client has looked over the file and submitted a list of corrections, the next version is usually available within about 24 hours.


OCR process adds $50 to the cost of conversion. Basic rate is $100 for the first format (Kindle or ePub) and an additional $25 for the second format. If the book requires a lot of special formatting or has a lot of images, it may be a bit more.

Discounts for Multiple Format Conversions per Book or Multiple Books Being Converted?

After the first conversion, I offer a 10% discount on all subsequent conversions.

Quote for Sample

Basic rate of $100, plus $25 for an additional format.