Estel Conversion Laboratories

Estel Conversion Laboratories



ePub, enhanced ePub, PRC for Kindle

Acceptable File Types for Conversion

MS Word, Open Office, PDF X1A

Best Types of Files to Convert

Turnaround Time

Our shortest time is 4 working days. We probably average around 10 working days.


The pricing for standard trade and retail ranges from workable electronic files is between US$ 0.35 to US$ 0.98. There are other tiers for genre books such as travel, cook, poetry, drama, etc. If conversion from hard copy is required the prices range from US$ 0.55 to US$ 1.24. We have a minimum price of $25 per book and charge US$6.50 for each additional formats. We have additional fees for processing Audio and Video, typically US$ 10.00 per video.

Discounts for Multiple Format Conversions per Book or Multiple Books Being Converted?

We have a standard 15% discount for 15 day payment. Rather than discount batch volumes (which usually upsets delivery forecasting) we do give significant pricing advantages for steady work as that makes conversion resource planning efficient. We can offer up to 20% discount for 20 plus books per month on a relatively regular basis, but this is done on quote.

Quote for Sample

The price for this book is US$61.80. This would be $52.53 with the 15 day payment option.