B10 Mediaworx

B10 Mediaworx




PRC (aka MOBI, Kindle), EPUB, LIT, IMP, HTML, PDB, Smashwords

Acceptable File Types for Conversion

MS Word, unlocked PDF

Best Types of Files to Convert

MS Word, unlocked PDF

Turnaround Time

2-3 weeks


Kindle $125
EPUB $125
Smashwords $60


  • Word document extracted from a PDF (“clean” extraction $25; price goes up from there, especially if anything has to be retyped)
  • Table of Contents with more than 30 links ($0.25 per link)
  • Footnotes converted to endnotes and reciprocally linked ($10 for conversion + $0.45 per reciprocal link)
  • Images ($2.50 to $3.50 each)
  • Indices ($0.25 per link)
  • Rush charge ($250+ surcharge for a 24-hour turnaround time)

Discounts for Multiple Format Conversions per Book or Multiple Books Being Converted?


Quote for Sample

Kindle $125, EPUB $125

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